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Message from President
Thank you for visiting the Marshal Trading Co.,Ltd. website.

Since our company’s founding in 2007, we have expanded our business around a core of construction machinery and materials, and we offer products and services to customers in Japan, and more than 30 other countries throughout the world. Thanks to the support of all of you, we have contributed to the work of companies and society in Japan and countries throughout the world in the area of construction machinery and materials.

The Internet is an industry which represents the 21st century. It is causing fundamental changes in the flow of information, people, things and money, and both the world situation and the conditions faced by businesses are changing minute by minute. Against this backdrop, we must first assume that the businesses we are currently involved in will disappear in the future, and then ask how much added value our work is providing for the customer.

It is essential to look at things from a variety of angles, and?especially when things seem to be going well?we must be skeptical about our own thinking and our approach to work.

While responding to changes in the environment, we will consider what is necessary to create even greater value for society, and while grappling with reality we will continue our resolute growth. We will create new value and open doors to the future so that we can offer happiness and inspiration to an even broader range of customers.

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Marshal Trading Co.,Ltd.


1-5-24-1F, Zenkai Minamimachi, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 651-2109, Japan

TEL: +81-78-762-6561
FAX: +81-50-3737-3904

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Jan. 2007